“My desire for the community at CrossRoads is not more religion.  It is not to create church-goers.  My desire is to see people living the abundant, strong life that Jesus died for us to have.  He did not suffer only for our eternal life, but to give us life more abundant.  

I want to help people grow in their faith and communion with God that they become very strong emotionally, so that through every storm of life, they remain emotionally and mentally stable and full of God’s wisdom, so that nothing moves them, nothing steals their peace, their joy, their love.

The Bible is clear that this kind of transformation is what He is calling us to, but it does not happen incidentally.  We have to make every effort to grow.  Our Growth Track provides opportunities to facilitate this transformation by allowing God to move deeply in the spirit of those who go through it.  We encourage every member of the CrossRoads family to go through the Growth Track at least once if not more.”

– Pastor Lee

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Welcome Experience


When you first come to CrossRoads, we want to invite you to come to our Welcome Presentation.  This is a time for you to get to meet some of our pastors and staff.  We will take time to share with you the mission and vision of CrossRoads as well as different ways for you to get connected and begin your spiritual journey of transformation.

Join a LifeLine


Our LifeLines are the heart of our church.  These are small groups of friends who meet weekly for Bible study, fellowship, prayer, and fun.  In our LifeLines, you will make friends who are also trying to grow spiritually, but you will be ministered to as well as minister to others.  These groups care for one another giving the support necessary to overcome.



The Bible clearly teaches that part of spiritual growth happens when we help and serve others.  We must sacrifice our time and we go out of our way to love others.  There are many ways you can volunteer at CrossRoads right away.  Volunteering in one of our many ministries also gives you an opportunity to meet new people and develop new friendships.

Transformation Class


The Transformation Class was developed through the 20+ years of Christian Counseling Pastor Lee has done.  Recognizing four basic, but essential principles for spiritual growth that most people miss, Pastor Lee wrote the curriculum to teach these four principles.  Some have said this was the most impactful class of this type they have ever taken.

Lay Ministry Class


The Bible teaches that every Christian is to be an ambassador of Christ.  Our call is to live a life that reflects His love and goodness to the world through a Christlike demeanor and by doing the work of God.  This is where our greatest fulfillment will come. The Lay Ministry Class will help you develop the ministry in you that is meaningful and lasting.

Become a Leader


The Lay Ministry Class will help your ministry.  This could mean being part of an already existing ministry of the church or something you do on your own.  But the church is the key to helping others be transformed and the church is you.  As we grow, we need more leaders to help mentor and disciple others.  We want everyone to become a leader.