Find a LifeLine

Find Your LifeLine

We believe relationships are essential for the life change needed to experience the best God has for us.  At CrossRoads, we want you to have a LifeLine to give you the relationships you need.  

Attending worship services is great, but without a strong support group of friends helping you to continue in your faith, the issues of life can overwhelm and derail us.  Everyone needs a LifeLine.

Our LifeLines have a three-part nature.  They are spiritual, pastoral, and educational.




We believe the greatest spiritual growth happens when get connect with like-minded people all helping one another grow in their faith.  This is the design of the early church where they met in small groups to pray with one another, support one another, and grow in their faith.

We believe that we all need support to navigate the difficulties of this life.  Our LifeLines are a place where you can find that support and help others as they go through difficult time.  The Bible says that as believers we are to walk on top of the storms and LifeLines will lift you up.

Jesus said we need to worship in spirit and truth.  To connect with God, we need to encounter the Holy Spirit, but our guide to connect is the Word of God.  In our LifeLines, we go deep into the Scripture for healing, inspiration, and life change.

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