God has a plan for your life

We want to see God restore peace, joy, and love in your heart, in your relationships, and in your home.

The Bible says that God has a plan for your life that Jesus described as ‘life more abundantly.’  

God works through the church to accomplish His plan for your life.  So, if you are at a CrossRoads in your life, let us be a place for healing, restoration, hope, and abundant life.

Pastor Lee

Who are we

We are a church that believes we can all experience abundant life through the transforming power of God.  Romans 12:2 teaches us how to find God’s plan for our life through the transformation that comes from being involved and committed to a church community.

Our hope for you

Our hope is that you would join us on this journey with God where we learn the wonders of His goodness through Biblical teaching that helps us love better.  Our hope is that as you experience more of God’s love, His love in you will help you love better in your relationships bringing more peace, joy, and fulfillment.

Get involved

Many people go to church, but not all are transformed.  The Christian life is one that works when you work it.  We would like to see you get involved at CrossRoads as we love God and love our neighbors through many different community service projects.  As we serve others, God works through us for transformation.

Find community

CrossRoads Community Church is a church full of regular people wrestling with all the same stuff you wrestle with.  The difference is they have found a community of support that helps them grow in their understanding of God, find strength in the hard times, and friends to share life with.